Spiri-tea'd Away

It's been a while since I have... (cue Aaron Lewis) written a blog post but hey I'm still here lurking, breathing, eating, mostly eating. Yesterday was a day of firsts, apparently. My friend and I tried a "Fly Gym" class which is basically yoga with a hammock; I felt like a bat hanging from a tree branch and reclusing into the hammock at the end of it - I just wanted to stay and nap in there. So of course, we had to eat after because that is why people work out, right? She found this place called LaPostté on Spring Mountain and Lindell Rd. This cafe looks like it's straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki movie: to the right was a dedicated wall just for post cards. You can send some if you like and if you don't have a post card ready in your purse or pocket for some reason, there's another wall with custom post cards and stickers for sale. If you're anti-cute then you better not step into this place 'cause the food is cute too! They have mini desserts and a thing called "High Tea" and no, it's not that kind of tea, guys - it's a late afternoon or early evening tea meant to be enjoyed with a cooked dish or bread. The Coconut Ooolong was migh-tea fine btw. They also have fruit drinks, coffee, and other finger foods. Not too pricey, perfect place for catching up with friends or life ♡

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