A Kantaro Moment

Hi, my name is PJ - singer, songwriter, zoo keeper, avid food eater. I live in a house (not a hotel, sorry) in a city known as Las Vegas. This place has grown so much in the last 10 years and let me tell ya, the food has been incredibly diverse and tasty AF. 

I've heard about Sweets Raku and have been trying to eat there for the last three months or so. The first time I went, a group of tourists were standing in front of the place waiting for their Uber to come back because the place was closed; they don't hold the regular business hours as it is not a regular dining place: THE MAIN COURSE IS DESSERT! Let it be known now that I, PJ, have a sugar addiction. My partner, on the other hand, does not. So, there's another reason I've not been able to go after our first attempt as he is not as excited as I am about desserts which is a good thing, I suppose. 

The other day, I was driving home from a meeting near Chinatown plaza and thought "Today is the day." Usually, the parking situation there is f***** but on this particular day on this particular hour, a spot was open to my immediate left as I turn into the lot (holy macaron!). I park my car and walk on the red carpet that leads to the place. One wouldn't know this was a desserts place as the front wall that faces the door is lined up with wine bottles. A few steps in, you see the table and you still don't know what the hell is going on then a nice person comes to seat you. The menu starts with a 2-course dessert and à la carte options. They also have lunchy items like sandwiches and stuff but let's be honest, you came for the sugar so forget about this part (for now).

I opted to sit on a table but quickly realized, I messed up. "Miss, are they making my order behind the bar?" She goes "Yes, that's why a lotta people like to sit at the bar." "Okay, I need to be there" I said and she took me there immediately, well it's not that far really - it's like 2 steps away. Anyway, I sit there and watch torches caramelize banana slices and other yummy stuff. The Carib which is a panna cotta dessert with fruits looked divine in a huge wine glass as a torch melts the chocolate top that is now dripping all over the whole damn thing. I ordered the Mars which is a hazelnut dessert with berries that is covered with what looks like a red gazing mirror dome. She sets the plate in front of me and my espresso; she explains what else is in there but I can't hear a word she says. A golden vessel she holds is now being torched at the bottom and poured on the dome. It melts and voilà there's the stuff! The syrup was a shot of brandy, btw, and it's 3 in the afternoon which is happy hour time so don't judge. This is when I knew that I just had a Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman moment. If you haven't seen this show on Netflix, check it out. It's very strange but if you're a sugar addict like me, you will appreciate it. 

The price is a bit $$ but totally worth it, bro. If you wanna impress your date, take them to this place - you will get laid. You're welcome.


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